The Farmhouse

Meat in the freezer

Well we finally did it. We put some meat in the freezer. Michael got a nice buck. Donna got a little cull (her first deer ever). We used this little inexpensive grinder.


After letting the meat bleed out for nearly a week in the cooler, we trimmed and cut into chunks.

After running thru the grinder once we ran some bacon thru the grinder. Instead of getting fat from a butcher just go buy the cheapest pack of bacon bits and pieces you can find. Something real fatty that you wouldn’t normally buy.

After running it thru grinder we mixed it with the deer meat and ran it back thru the grinder.

For the sausage we did the same prep work but added jalapeños, cream cheese and cheddar cheese as well as sausage seasonings. We made patty and link sausage.

Look at all this goodness! That’s 40lbs of burger meat, 10lbs of chili meat, 93 sausage patties and 15lbs of link sausage.  It’s so amazing to know we did it all ourselves!


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