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Laundry/Pantry Update

So we finally got the pantry shelves installed.  We wanted to do the pipe and flanges style shelves. After looking at Lowes for the materials I thought we might have to back up and punt.  The hardware alone for the 5 shelves was going to be around $200! I’m so frugal and the funnest part of this challenge is to see if we can beat our budget of $30,000 to build this entire house. So we save and barter and bargain shop and dumpster dive for whatever we can to keep that bottom line down.  We still haven’t reached the mark where we would still be saving for the concrete if we had gone with slab!

We scored the 1/2″ pipe for free, borrowed a hand pipe threader and threaded all the pipe ourselves. The flanges were $5-7 EACH at Lowes, I scored them for $2.50 each on eBay. Woohoo! And we got the end caps at Lowes since they were cheap. A bottle of primer and spray paint and some 1×10’s we had on hand, and our pantry shelves for $60!

Can’t wait to get all my baskets and jars and canned goods up there!


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