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It’s looking like a house

It’s been a while since we updated our progress.  With the slow down in the oil field we’ve been short on money for a while, so we’ve just been tinkering around with electrical stuff, clearing more trees and stuff around the land.  But we got a surprise and a kick in the butt a few weeks ago when another of our kids decided to move in full time.  The travel trailer is perfect for two people. No problem.  We added one kid full time and it got a little more crowded, but manageable. Now with 4 people in there every night, the trailer has seemed to shrink! So we kicked Project Farmhouse into high gear.

I missed updating our December progress. So here is what we got done in December and early January:

The rafters on the kids wing went up.  You will be able to see the exposed rafters in the utility room and both bedrooms.


The 4′ pony wall that makes a beautiful 12 foot wall in the living room:IMG_0781IMG_0782

This room is our awesome utility room/pantry.  The kitchen will be just to the right of this room.IMG_0783IMG_0784IMG_0785IMG_0790IMG_0791

Look at that handsome man balancing on a 2×4!IMG_0793

Added decking and tar paper to that side on the roof. Just waiting for the metal roof now.IMG_0798

Last weekend we really got rolling.  We decided not to put the adult wing on hold. We are doing the whole house… after putting the subfloor down on our wing, we started framing the rest of the house.  We had an extra helper this weekend, Aaron put in a long hard days work.IMG_0799

The 3 Strong men working together 🙂IMG_0801

Father and son.  And check out our awesome chicken pen in the background! Now imagine English ivy growing over the top and down the sides, it’s going to be stunning!IMG_0804

There will be two french doors in these big openings.You are looking into the living room/dining room/kitchen area here. The kitchen will be along that back wall.IMG_0806

Kitchen wall – big window opening is where the sink will go so I can keep an eye on my chickens 🙂IMG_0807IMG_0808IMG_0810IMG_0812

And here to the left is our master suite side. No kids allowed! Though when Brayden and Ashton saw our bathroom and shower, they’ve decided they need to use our bathroom every night.  I see a deadbolt on our bedroom door in the future! LOLIMG_0813

Master bedroomIMG_0815

One of my favorite parts of our last minute redesign.  A private porch leading from our bedroom. I think we will spend a lot of time out here. Again – no kids allowed!IMG_0816

One more look at our living area. I’m already painting and decorating in my head.IMG_0818IMG_0155

Not bad work for 2 days.  And it’s really looking like a house now. Thanks for looking!IMG_0161


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