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First big paint job

Not the house.  But I have about 3,741 things that I want/plan to repaint before we move in to the house.  2 beds, 5 dressers, a bathroom vanity from a dresser, 2 mirror, 2 armoires, antique china hutch, coffee table, dining room chairs, antique vanity, 2 end tables…. wow, my list is even longer than I thought.

Being in a creative mood last week, I decided to play with some chalk paint and play with one mirror.  I just used the paints I had on hand to practice.  I really ended up loving the finished product even though it didn’t match my color scheme for the bathroom, I guess I will change the bathroom to accommodate my craftiness 🙂

I got two of these beauties from the historic Fredonia Hotel when they sold everything during their remodel. Not bad for $30! They are huge!  Next time I’ll try to take pictures during the process.

Basically I lightly sanded the frame.  Applied a chalk paint that I got from an antique store in Lufkin a couple of years ago and never used.  Then I went over it in spots with an antiqueing wax made by the same brand.  CeCe Paint I believe.  Then as it dried I dry brushed over spots with a mostly dry brush dipped in the first paint, to make it look better. Then I put a finish wax on top to seal it.

Now I just have to paint one more mirror to match it and the dresser that will become a double vanity.






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