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Subfloor – Check!

It’s so encouraging when our friends ask us why we haven’t had an update in a long time.  I love that someone is actually reading this blog 🙂 So here is the update.  We had to save a couple of months for the subfloor and by the time we had the money, the rains came and the rains came and the rains came…. So it put off progress. But we finally worked our tushes off in the couple of days we had sunshine and got our subfloor down and protected.

plastic wrapped

We used 3/4″ OSB tongue and groove plywood. Covered it with roofing felt paper then covered that with contractors plastic. We will cut the plastic out after we get the roof on.

We have made an executive decision to only finish 3/4 of the house right now. We changed our roofline which makes it possible for us to build one side of the bedrooms and our main living area now – about 1,440 sq ft of the 2,000 plan – and live in that portion while finishing up the other side which includes the master suite and another bedroom.

Here are our plans:


As you look at it – the front doors are at the top of the pic. We will have double french doors at the front of the house. The bedrooms, bathroom and utility room to the left are what we are working on first, as well as the main living area which is an open floor concept.

To give you an idea of how the roof line will make this job easier, here is our inspiration for the outside of the house, just imagine no porch, it’s all enclosed:


So as I said, we got all the plywood subfloor laid…. in about 2-3 hours! I was shocked how fast that went! My sweet husband is a pro at this, I’m just amazed watching him work.  As I’m sure he’s just as amazed watching me fall through beams, misfire nail guns and trip over anything not nailed down, and some things that ARE nailed down.  But he just shakes his head and keeps working.  Sweet man ❤

I thought I would post some of our inspirational pictures that we are taking note of. This house is going to be so unique and “us” but here’s some of our ideas:

This is the main living area and exposed rafters and ceiling we are going for:



This is what we are thinking for cabinets and island look.  Probably fence pickets or pallet wood.


Of course I want these floating shelves that Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper has made me fall in love with.


We are going for a primitive, farmhouse, shabby chic look so of course the nice new stainless steel appliances just wouldn’t look right.  So we found these 1950 stove and refrigerator that we got for a steal! Now use some imagination before you turn your nose up at them:

100MEDIA$IMAG0454_1 00M0M_10ZMNEsrUxa_600x450

We also got this great sink from my dad that has been sitting out in his yard for years:


We are going to have all of them (I haven’t told Michael yet, but WE may be doing this ourselves, I like a challenge) repainted with this color:


So they will look something like this:


I think it is just going to be precious 🙂 I can’t wait!

I know some people think we are crazy. Believe it or not we have been chastised that we are taking too long or that there is no way one man and woman and teenager can pull this off without alot of help from others or hiring help.  And I know several more are thinking it, but are kind enough not to say it out loud to us, but in the words of John Locke from “Lost” – “Don’t tell me what I can’t do……” because we CAN do this and it’s going to be awesome!

Thanks for stopping by….. – Donna & Michael


3 thoughts on “Subfloor – Check!”

  1. I LOVE watching this unfold! You all are doing an amazing thing and making memories along the way. My heart smiles for you and I cannot wait to visit! xoxo


  2. I am jealous! Love your fridge, stove and sink, especially the sink! Why do some folks have to rain on anyone’s parade? Good luck, keep us posted with lots of pictures, and yeah you need to remind us on BYH that all the good stuff is over here! AnimalMom on BYH.


  3. YOU GO! The concept(s) look totally awesome! So glad you’re sharing all this in a blog. I had always wanted to build my own log home and the years just slipped past. When I move to TX next summer, I am seriously considering just buying raw land and buiding my own home… I have the knowledge and skill to do it, but I’m older now and by myself. So we’ll have to wait and see. Not sure I’m ready to tackle it by myself. But I can live that dream vicariously through you! Keep after it!


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