The Farmhouse

Getting Started

Well last weekend we finally started seeing progress. After several weeks of walking around holes 2 ft deep and 12 inches in diameter, one kid falling in the hole and one chicken drowning in a water filled hole, we finally got the holes set with our 4×6 posts.  The kids helped empty the holes of the rain water that had collected.

2015-07-13_08.41.50     2015-07-13_08.42.36    2015-07-13_08.43.14

Then we had to run string to get everything squared.


Michael and Brayden mixed and poured the quickcrete.

 2015-07-13_08.41.05     2015-07-13_08.47.33      2015-07-13_08.46.38  

Next it was my job to set the posts and make sure everything was level.

 2015-07-13_08.45.48    2015-07-13_08.43.49

A few of our posts were from the barriers you see on the side of the road with the little cables running through them.  Most came from old telephone poles.  We managed to get all the poles and posts FREE! We paid the Runquist Sawmill out of Mt. Enterprise (Tell Troy we sent you if you need a sawmill guy, he’s great to work with).  We used about 20 bags of quickcrete to set all 30 holes.  These posts aren’t going anywhere! So basically with all our scavenging, renting a post hole digger and setting the posts, our running total to set the foundation was less than $350. Not bad I think.

All set and leveled.

2015-07-13_08.39.08    2015-07-13_08.36.09

Next we are ready to put the floor joists on.  Stay tuned…


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