The Farmhouse

Texas Storms. Not so bad.

All the storms we had in the past month actually benefited us. Not the night of the tornado warning where I cried like a baby and my husband tried to calm me by spending hours waiting it out parked under a car wash because we had no safe shelter to go to. But the big. BIG. oak trees that were fallen  on the road close to us.

Yes. We got permission to remove them and keep them. After two loads and lots of man hours (meaning me supervising my husband and our oldest son) we finally got this monster delivered to the saw mill to be cut into 1×6’s that will become our ceiling.

Sawmill lumber is the way to go to save money! If you can find the trees. It’s less than the cost of new lumber from the stores!!! You just pay the labor. Score!!!



My handsome hubby hard at work. I like to watch him work 😉

Anyone have downed trees you need removed? Let us know!


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