The Farmhouse

Changes in Latitudes…

We decided back in February, when the oil industry was crawling to a slow and Michael works in the industry, that we would have to make a lifestyle change.  We had gone to a Dave Ramsey class on Financial Peace and made the decision that we would not get back on the debt train.  Both having been married before and ready to live as stress free as possible this go round, we have made the (sometimes very tough) decision to pay cash for everything from here on out. So we packed up our 5 bedroom house and moved in to a travel trailer to begin saving to build our dream house.  Now, our dream house doesn’t consist of granite countertops and shiny new everything.  It’s more homey, vintage and family heirloom style.

So anyways, we packed up, broke the news to our 3 teenagers who still live with us – 12, 14 & 16.  They would have to live in cramped quarters for a little while, not be close to delivery food and walking to the convenience store anymore, but it was a sacrifice we would all have to make for a short time to get to our final goal.

Needless to say they were not impressed. Luckily for them, they are only with us every other week.  They can live in luxury the other half the time. With wifi and their own rooms and close trips to town. You know, the luxuries of teenagers.  The first few months one child wouldn’t even give it a try.  That was very hard on me as a mom. The other two felt as though they had lost their soul and would walk around the land with their cell phones up in the air trying to find one bar of service to be able to text.  Data access was completely a no-go.  After a while though all three came around pretty well.  It’s been 3 and a half months now and they seem happy here.  They are getting a taste of gardening, hearing the whippoorwill’s calling and crickets chirping.  They actually get outside, jump on the trampoline, walk the trails through our woods, ride bikes, practice driving up and down the road.

They all help with the chickens and turkeys we have been raising from chicks. Comments have been made about how peaceful it is to just sit on the porch and talk, be a family, eat together.  Bingo!  That’s what I wanted them to get from this!  So I consider that a success!

So here is our current home sweet home….

IMG_2102 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2097

Sorry for the iphone quality.  I didn’t know I would be blogging them when we first got the travel trailer.

My favorite part, since grille so much during the summer…


…the outdoor kitchen!  I’ll have to take a picture this weekend of the fabulous deck my talented husband built. It really helped make this feel like home.


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